All Episodes, Season 2

2.02 Some Assembly Required

Some Assembly Required? Some patience required more like. But some perspective required too. But we still have the big fun talking about necrophilia, Sarah Palmer, graveside picnics, inexplicable jackets and much more besides. Go, Sunnydale, go!

All Episodes, Season 2

2.01 When She Was Bad

Rested. Refreshed. Rusty. And it's Season 2! When Buffy was bad. Or, sort of, a little bit naughty. Or, y'know, just a normal teenager, who'd suffered trauma. You'll hear the cartoon non-scariness of the skeleton form discussed. You'll hear Jess describe human beings as "skeleton robots covered in skin." And you'll hear Jess threaten to hang John upside-down. In the interests of science. Allegedly.