Welcome to Hush: A Buffy Podcast, where we’re watching every Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, one at a time. Every episode contains show notes, with a few screenshots, favourite quotes and trivia. We’re also counting all kinds of fun regular Buffy tropes, like the number of times Giles gets knocked out or Angel is randomly topless, in our Big Buffy Tropes Count.

Hush: A Buffy Podcast is presented by long-time Buffy fans Jess Beeley and John Byrne, who live in Limerick, Ireland.

20604443_10155591860953200_4397808460867730555_nJohn Byrne once owned a Sunnydale High School T-shirt. He loved it too much and wore it till it disintegrated. This podcast was partly created to fill that hole in his heart. When he’s not thinking and talking about Buffy he’s thinking and talking about Hammer horror over on his gore-drenched podcast Hammered. And in the moments when he’s not doing any of that he sometimes writes, sometimes says things on the radio and sometimes sells books. Oh, and his Twitter handle is @fustar.

Jess Beeley is a social media manager and crafter, also known as @bettyoctopus. She created the (now defunct) Buffy Trivia Guide website, and will be reviving a few bits of trivia for this podcast. Jess also designs pop culture enamel pins and prints, and makes cute things out of felt, which she sells in her Etsy shop.


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