All Episodes, Season 2

2.06 Halloween


“Everything’s switching. Outside to inside.”


It’s Halloween. In September! In the world of Buffy podcasting at least.

Join us as we ask confusing questions like…”Is dead, room temperature or other?”

Join us as we (kind of) scold Buffy for championing ‘sexy Halloween’.

Join us for chat about My Little Pony, chaos, the vampire class system and lots more.

Also, where is Joyce? WHERE THE HELL IS SHE??



From The Buffy Trivia Guide, a website Jess created back in the heady early 2000s.

  • When Buffy and Willow sit in the bathroom in Halloween, there’s a poster behind Buffy which says, “There are no heroes in this locker room” which seems apt considering how many students have been killed/attacked in the school’s locker room – when Buffy hasn’t been around!
  • This episode marks the first appearances of Ethan Rayne and Larry.
  • Janus was the god worshipped by Ethan Rayne in Halloween. In Roman mythology, Janus was the two-faced Roman god of gates, of doors, and of beginnings and endings, and was worshipped at harvests, marriages, births, and other kinds of beginnings.


Ethan: “Oh, and we all know that you are the champion of innocents and all things pure and good, Rupert. It’s quite a little act you’ve got going here, old man.”
Giles: “It’s no act… It’s who I am.”
Ethan: “Who you are? The Watcher, sniveling, tweed-clad guardian of the Slayer and her kin? I think not. I know who you are, Rupert, and I know what you’re capable of… But they don’t, do they? They have no idea where you come from.”

Giles: “Alright, let’s-let’s-let’s review. Um, so everybody became whatever they were masquerading as.”
Willow: “Right. Xander was a soldier and Buffy was an eighteenth-century girl.”
Giles: “And-and your-your costume?”
Willow: “I’m a ghost.”
Giles: “Yes. Um, a-a – the ghost of what, exactly?”

Xander: “We must have some kind of amnesia.”
Buffy: “I don’t know what that is, but I’m certain I don’t have it. I bathe quite often.”

Willow: “She couldn’t have dressed up like Xena?”

Drusilla: “Do you love my insides, the parts you can’t see?”
Spike: “Eyeballs to entrails, my sweet.”

Spike: “Well, this is just… neat.”

Cordelia: “They don’t know who they are, everyone’s turned into a monster, it’s a whole big thing. How are you?”

Giles: “Hello, Ethan.”
Ethan Rayne: “Hello, Ripper.”


  • Willow and Buffy state that the name of the woman in the drawing isn’t given in the book, but it is clearly labeled “Sarah Goodfriend.”
  • Despite not being corporeal, as ghost Willow leaves the costume shop you see her brush against a curtain. Also, when she leaves, you clearly hear the door close behind her when in other scenes, she simply walks right through doors, walls, etc.

Continuity (Spoilers ahead)

  • A tiny hint that Cordelia and Xander would eventually get together is shown in the episode Halloween. Xander says to Buffy that he prefers his women in Spandex – Cordelia said that Spandex was one of her trademarks in the previous episode (Reptile Boy).
  • A large part of the episodes Innocence and Graduation Day (Part 2) rely on Xander’s recollection of the events of Halloween, when he became a soldier for a short time. Xander’s military knowledge was a great plot device help to Buffy writers when they needed lots of gun power easily.
    • In Innocence he says he still has all his memories of being a soldier, including “procedure, ordnance, access codes, everything.”
    • In The I in Team, he says “My pseudo-soldier memory bank tells me that’s a tracer.”
    • In Goodbye, Iowa, Anya says, “It’s not like he was in the ‘Nam. He was G.I. Joe for one night.”
    • In Never Leave Me, Xander realises that Spike has a “trigger”, to which Willow replies, “Is this left over from your days in the Army?” He admits that knowledge comes from Army movies.
    • In Potential, Dawn says to Xander, “Well, you had that sexy Army training for a while.”
  • In Tabula Rasa, there is a replica of the two faced statue Janus behind Giles when he finds his airline ticket in his pocket.
  • Oz drives a zebra-striped van with right-hand drive. His van changes to a dark left-hand drive van in Innocence.
  • This is the first hint at Giles’s past, more of which is explained in The Dark Age. Ethan calls Giles ‘Ripper’.
  • While Willow and Buffy are looking up facts about Angel, they come over a drawing of a woman, dated 1775, and Willow states that “Angel was 18 and still human,” while on many other occasions, it was stated that Angel was born in 1727, and turned in 1753, making him 26 years old when he became a vampire, so he was no longer human in 1775. They could have meant 1745, when Angel would have been 18 (and human) and the clothing styles were similar to the picture then. It is not clear why a Watcher’s diary would have notes about Angel from before he was a vampire, perhaps the entry was written in 1775, after Angel became a vampire, and was just referencing his world when he was human.




Hush: is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast, where we’re watching every Buffy episode, one at a time. Hush is presented by long-time Buffy fans Jess Beeley and John Byrne, who live in Limerick, Ireland.


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