All Episodes, Season 2

2.02 Some Assembly Required


“This shouldn’t take long. I’m probably the only girl in school who has the coroner’s office bookmarked as a favorite place.”


Some Assembly Required? Some patience required more like. But some perspective required too.

For though this may be something of a Frankenstein’s monster of an episode – a dog’s dinner made up of various slapped-together scraps – this is still season 2, folks. Lovely season 2. Magical season 2.

And the only way is up from here.

But we still have the big fun talking about necrophilia, Sarah Palmer, graveside picnics, inexplicable jackets and much more besides.

So dive on in! It’s 4th down and…something and the running guy is gonna…punt the timeout into the endzone. Or something.

Go, Sunnydale, go!

Here’s THAT jacket

That Twin Peaks comparison with Daryl’s mom and Sarah Palmer

Daryl, an Adam prototype.



From The Buffy Trivia Guide, a website Jess created back in the heady early 2000s.

The French title for the episode Some Assembly Required is Le Puzzle.


David Koneff was the set decorator for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. David’s name was immortalised in Buffy in the form of a tombstone in Some Assembly Required. According to the stone, he was a Sunnydale resident who died in 1963. This can be seen when Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Giles are digging up graves checking for bodies.


Angel reveals to Buffy that he is 241 years old in Some Assembly Required. He also said this in Reptile Boy. This means he would have been born in 1755 or 1756.


Fondren High (a rival school to Sunnydale High) is mentioned in Some Assembly Required. We don’t know if this is in Sunnydale or in a neighbouring town.


The Sunnydale High football team are called the Razorbacks. Principal Flutie states this in The Pack, and the little flags that Giles carries in Some Assembly Required even say ‘Razorbacks’ on them. Why, then, are Cordelia and the other Sunnydale High cheerleaders cheering for the ‘Greenbacks’? The name can even be seen in the subtitles for the scene.



Buffy: “Sorry, but I’m an old-fashioned gal. I was raised to believe that men dig up the corpses and women have the babies.”

Cordelia: “Eww! Why is it that every conversation you people have has the word corpse in it?”

Giles: “Grave robbing? That’s new. Interesting.”
Buffy: “I know you meant to say ‘gross and disturbing’.”

Buffy: “Are you crazy? You don’t just sneak up on people in a graveyard. You make noise when you walk. You stomp or… yodel.”

Willow: “This shouldn’t take long. I’m probably the only girl in school who has the coroner’s office bookmarked as a favorite place.”

Angel: “See? Whenever we fight you always bring up the vampire thing.”

Willow: “Love makes you do the wacky.”

Cordelia: “Why are these terrible things always happening to me?”
Xander: (coughing) “Karma!”

Xander: “How about that? I always pegged him as a one-woman vampire.”



  • 02.25 minutes: Why did Chris and Eric leave the grave uncovered and the coffin open? It would be too easy to find out there had been grave-robbing going on. Also, there is no earth next to the grave – did Chris and Eric take it with them?
  • 06.20 minutes: In Some Assembly Required, near the beginning of the episode, you can see a girl in a red top and short skirt as she walks behind Willow (when she’s writing down her science project). A few seconds later we see Eric walk down the stairs, towards Willow, and the same girl is walking down the stairs next to him. Then he takes Willow’s picture and the girl is suddenly behind her, walking out the door. When Buffy shows up the girl is walking up the stairs, but we never saw her come in again.
  • 07.23 minutes: None of the prints of Cordelia or Buffy in Eric’s montage correspond with the poses the girls made when Eric took the photos.




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