All Episodes, Season 1

1.09 The Puppet Show


Giles, unto every generation is born one who must run the annual talentless show. You cannot escape your destiny.


Welcome back! It’s episode 9 of the show that’s all about dignity, and human feelings, and…personal hygiene or something.

We’ve got Snyder (Yay!). We’ve got Xander not being an arsehole (Yay!). We’ve got the return of Joyce (Yay?). And we’ve got Jess insulting librarians and gallery owners (Boo!).

The Greatest Moment of All
Massive cheers for the wonderful Snyder!
No more bras in bed, Buffy. Give your boobs a rest
Your face when your mom says “I was dreaming of bills”
Giles find a neat trick


This scene is lovely



Giles: Our new Fuehrer, Mr. Snyder.
Willow: I think they call ’em ‘principals’ now.

Buffy: Giles, unto every generation is born one who must run the annual talentless show. You cannot escape your destiny.
Giles: If you had any shred of decency, you would have participated, or at least, um, helped.
Buffy: Nah! I think I’ll take on your traditional role… and watch!
Xander: And mock!
Willow: And laugh!

Principal Snyder: Kids today need discipline. That’s an unpopular word these days – discipline. I know Principal Flutie would have said, “Kids need understanding. Kids are human beings.” That’s the kind of wooly-headed liberal thinking that leads to being eaten.

Principal Snyder: There are things I will not tolerate: students loitering on campus after school, horrible murders with hearts being removed, and also smoking.

Principal Snyder: I don’t get it. What is it? Avant-garde?

Giles: Cordelia, there’s a-a-an adage, uh, that, um, if you’re feeling nervous, then, uh, you should imagine the entire audience are in their underwear.
Cordelia: Ew! Even Mrs. Franklin? Eh.
Giles: Perhaps not.

Xander: Did I mention that I *hate* this school?

Cordelia: All I can think is, it coulda been me!
Xander: We can dream.

Willow: What could a demon possibly want from me?
Xander: What’s the square root of 841?
Willow: 29. Oh, yeah.




Hush: is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast, where we’re watching every Buffy episode, one at a time. Hush is presented by long-time Buffy fans Jess Beeley and John Byrne, who live in Limerick, Ireland.


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