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1.08 I Robot, You Jane

Fritz: “If you’re not jacked in, you’re not alive.”

If you’re not jacked in…you’re not alive!

So…jack in immediately! Jack in to the matrix. Jack in to your TV. Jack in to potatoes. And clouds. And bunnies. And the kitchen table. Jack in to everything (this instant) if you want to be alive!

More importantly, jack in to this – the latest episode of Hush. Where Jess and John take you on a not-so-educational tour of late 90s cyberculture, while sharply criticising the Scooby Gang’s frivolous attitude to tragic student death.

Pop it in your ear-holes, Hushcats. x

This is definitely Scott Baio, right?
Aw, so sweet




Oh Fritz. We think he’s jacked in.

That’s one hell of a scanner
Willow has a photo of herself and Giles in her locker. This is adorable.
So. Many. PCs!




Too much amazing 90s technology, so little time.

Xander is not the worst for the first time.
Such a cool teacher
Absolutely love Buffy’s detective outfit
Willow’s bland bedroom
Jenny, a computer science teacher, has placed a candle on top of a monitor, the big eejit
Cool rigout
Love Willow’s agency in this episode




Just do it already!

It’s ok guys, it’s not like two of your classmates were murdered yesterday


From The Buffy Trivia Guide, a website Jess created back in the heady early 2000s.

  • Giles listens to the radio in I Robot, You Jane. The announcer’s voice on the radio was that of Joss Whedon.
  • The character of Jenny Calendar is introduced in I Robot, You Jane. She was originally to be called Nicki but was changed to Jenny to avoid confusion on set as Nicholas Brendon was generally called Nicky by his co-stars.
  • In I Robot, You Jane, we see that Willow has a picture of herself and Giles pinned to the inside of her locker. It can also be seen in the episode Nightmares. Willow confirms that she used to have a crush on Giles in Where the Wild Things Are, after she sees him singing.
  • Moloch sends Fritz details of Buffy via the school’s computer system. We see two different versions of her school record on the computer. In the second one, her status changes from ’sophomore’ to ’senior’. Her date of birth also changes from 24 October 1980 to 6 May 1979.


  • Seen at 09.44 minutes: When Buffy and Xander discuss who Willow’s internet boyfriend could be in I Robot, You Jane, there is a blonde girl behind them in a pink shirt, who can then be see both walking and running behind the two in different shots and in different directions. Look for her at 10.03, 10.20, 10.27 and 11.22 – she seems to have no idea where she’s going!
  • Seen at 14.55 minutes: How does Buffy manage to follow Dave to the CRD building so easily when he’s driving and she isn’t? I know she has super powers but she’s not that fast!
  • Seen at 20.07 minutes: When Giles leaves the library after discovering the blank book, why don’t we see him in the window of the room he goes into?
  • Seen at 22.38 minutes: Fritz appears suddenly behind Dave to kill him, when Dave tells Moloch he can’t hurt Buffy. Moloch then writes on the computer screen to make it look like a suicide… but where did Fritz come from?
  • Seen at 25.08 minutes: When Buffy goes to turn on the computer to delete Willow’s files she never touches the monitor ‘on’ button. She touches the area above the button, yet the screen pops on.
  • Seen at 26.49 minutes: It would be impossible for Buffy not to see Dave’s hanging body as she entered the lab.
  • Seen at 28.42 minutes: Just before Willow is captured by Fritz at her house, the computer’s screen goes black to announce new mail. She doesn’t touch it, but when Buffy and Xander get to her room the computer is displaying the e-mail.



Jenny: “You think the realm of the mystical is limited to ancient texts and relics? That bad old science made the magic go away?”

Jenny: “You’re here again? You kids really dig the library, don’t you?”

Xander: “What, I can’t have information sometimes?”
Giles: “Well, it’s just somewhat unprecedented.”

Buffy: “Tell me the truth: how’s my hair?”

Buffy: “I think I pretty much capped it with that nuclear missile thing.”
Giles: “Right, yours was best.”

Xander: “Hey! I got to hit someone!”

Buffy: “Besides, I can just tell something’s wrong. My spider sense is tingling.”

Buffy: “Let’s face it: none of us are ever gonna have a happy, normal relationship.”
Xander: “We’re doomed!”




Hush: is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast, where we’re watching every Buffy episode, one at a time. Hush is presented by long-time Buffy fans Jess Beeley and John Byrne, who live in Limerick, Ireland.


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