All Episodes, Season 1

1.04 Teacher’s Pet

Giles: “You were right all along, about everything… well, no, you weren’t right about your mother coming back as a Pekingese.”

Join us for the sad (and brutally cut short) tale of Dr. Virgin MD (the Doc who couldn’t tell an ant from a beetle).

Otherwise known as, “Teacher’s Pet”.

And it’s (probably) better than you remember! Or, at least, John thinks so.

Fruity language in this one, folks. So if you’re the type that easily swoons then best listen on a fainting couch.

How DARE you diminish Buffy, Xander?

Poor Dr Virgin Gregory, failed scientist molested by a giant insect woman


Nice aluminium shirt and cock ring combo


Cue sexy pan pipe music…

Gold shirt and yellow pants

IMG_2364Same, Buffy. Same.

IMG_2341This is absolutely food. Nothing to see here. Except human food.


Keep on keeping on Cordy. We love you.

So subtle, Ms French


Your hands are so… serrated



I’m right here, dear! The wonderful Jean Speegle Howard


Giles 😍

Oh boy


From The Buffy Trivia Guide, a website Jess created back in the heady early 2000s.

  • In Teacher’s Pet there is a conversation between Buffy and Giles about the weather:

Giles (looking at the sky): God, every day here is the same.

Buffy: Bright, sunny, beautiful. How can we escape this torment?

In the original script there was an alternate line in case it was raining, foggy or dark:

Giles: Reminds me of home.

Buffy: Dark, dank, dreary. You must be so happy.

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer got it’s first UK publicity article for Teacher’s Pet. The Radio Times’ satellite section described Buffy as “a sort of Beverley Hills 90210 meets The X-Files…”
  • From the original script of Teacher’s Pet, these lines was cut for length:

Buffy: “Dr. Gregory didn’t chew me out or anything. He was really cool. But Flutie showed him my permanent record. Apparently, I fall somewhere between Charles Manson and a really bad person.”
Willow: “And you can’t tell Dr. Gregory what really happened at you old school?”
Buffy: “I was fighting vampires? I’m thinking he might not believe me.”
Willow: “Yeah, he probably gets that excuse all the time.”
Cordelia (just arriving): “Here lies a problem. What used to be my table occupied by pitiful losers. Of course, we’ll have to burn it.”
Buffy: “Sad, you have so many memories here. You and Lawrence, you and Mark, you and John. You spent the better part of your ‘J’ through ‘M’ here.”

Source: The Watcher’s Guide, Volume 1 by Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder

  • Jean Speegle Howard played the ‘real’ Natalie French in Teacher’s Pet. She was the mother of freckly Hollywood director Ron ‘Happy Days’ Howard and had a small part (as Jim Lovell’s confused mother) in Howard’s 1995 space movie Apollo 13. Her husband, Rance Howard, played Marcus Roscoe in the Angel episode Carpe Noctem.
    Jean died in September, 2000 from a heart and respiratory illness.
  • Musetta Vander played Natalie French in Teacher’s Pet. Raised in Durban, South Africa. Musetta started doing ballet when she was 4 and later qualified as a ballet teacher, like her mother. Musetta then got a BA in Communications and Psychology, and landed a job as anchor host for an MTV-type show in South Africa. Her future husband, Jeff Celentano, saw her on television, and after their wedding took her to Hollywood, where he lived. Musetta appeared in more than twenty music videos for artists including Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Elton John and Chris Isaak. Musetta later played a Siren in the Coen Brothers movie O, Brother Where Art Thou? She played Munita in Will Smith’s Wild, Wild West and a character called ‘Shan’auc’ in Stargate SG-1. Musetta also appeared in the opening credits of a season four Babylon 5 episode as ‘Felicia’, a Mars resistance fighter.
  • At the end of the episode Teacher’s Pet, we see that there are insect eggs (presumably praying mantises like Miss French) in the store cupboard. They must have a long gestation period because, as far as we know, they never hatched.


  • Seen at 01.28 minutes: Dr Gregory lectures to the class about ants. The slide on the screen as he’s teaching is of a tiger beetle.
  • Seen at 08.38 minutes: When Miss French first comes to the school, Buffy and Willow are sitting on the wall talking to Xander. The parting in Willow’s hair is on one side, then when she and Buffy walk into the classroom in a continuation of the same scene, her parting has jumped over to the other side of her head.
  • Seen at 10.27 minutes: Buffy puts Dr. Gregory’s glasses on the table but they keep moving. In the long shots, the glasses are open and near the plastic box but in the close-up shot, they are closed and in front of a book on the right side of the table. In the final shot, they’re back in their original position.
  • Seen at 23.05 minutes: Ms. French’s sleeves move up and down her arms while she is making her insect sandwich. They are rolled down when she makes the sandwich and are then up when she eats it.
  • Seen at 39.13 minutes: Buffy chops the giant preying Mantis to pieces with a machete. She then wipes the blade clean of insect goo on her trousers. We later see that her trousers are clean.

Giles: “You were right all along, about everything… well, no, you weren’t right about your mother coming back as a Pekingese.”

Giles: “Recording bat sonar is something soothingly akin to having one’s teeth drilled.”

Xander: “He’s a very attractive man! How come that never came up?”

Xander: “It’s funny how the Earth never opens up and swallows you when you want it to.”

Buffy: “Hot dog surprise. Be still, my heart.”
Willow: “Call me old-fashioned, I don’t want any more surprises in my hot dogs.”

Xander: “I wonder what she sees in me? It’s probably the quiet good looks coupled with a certain smoky magnetism.”

Xander: “I realize it’s no mystery guy handing out leather jackets, and while we’re on the subject, what kind of a girlie name is ‘Angel’ anyway?”

Xander: “No, no, it’s, the most beautiful chest… dress I’ve ever seen.”

Giles: “Uh, well, basically the, uh, the She-Mantis assumes the form of a beautiful woman and then lures innocent virgins back to her nest.”
Buffy: “Virgins? Well, Xander’s not a, uh…I mean, he’s probably…”
Willow: “…gonna die!”

Continuity (Spoilers ahead, beware!)

  • The first true hint of a chemistry between Buffy and Angel developed as he gave her his leather jacket in Teacher’s Pet – much to Xander’s annoyance. Buffy wore the jacket in several subsequent episodes (such as The Pack), even as late as the third season (Beauty and the Beasts).
  • Xander’s relationship with the praying mantis in Teacher’s Pet is joked about in several later episodes, such as I Robot, You Jane, Inca Mummy Girl, Anne (in which Cordelia says of Xander, “He’s always been attracted to monsters” and later mentions Ampata from Inca Mummy Girl, calling her “some hot little Inca mummy girl”), What’s My Line? (Part 2) and Something Blue, when Willow says, “Let’s look at your bio: Insect Lady, Mummy Girl, Anya… you’re a demon magnet.” In First Date, Xander says, “Another demon woman was attracted to me” after his date Lyssa turned out to be evil.




Hush: is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast, where we’re watching every Buffy episode, one at a time. Hush is presented by long-time Buffy fans Jess Beeley and John Byrne, who live in Limerick, Ireland.


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