All Episodes, Season 1

1.02 The Harvest

“A Slayer hunts vampires; Buffy is the Slayer; don’t tell anyone. I think that’s all the vampire information you need.”

Get out your scythes and sickles, baby, it’s time for The Harvest!

Actually, put them away. They look sharp. And pointy. And dangerous.

Instead, listen to Jess and John talk about sexual sucking, unfair vampire hierarchies, the loveliness of Colin, blue balls, interrupted climaxes, and lots more!

Episode 2, folks. It’s (almost) orgasmic.

Every time Jess sees this in the opening credits, she thinks it’s Willow (it’s not)

SMG really looks like Angel here
Giles is totally loving this
Look, Jess’s favourite Buffy trope! She loves it when the desktop PC just happens to be on the table in the library – just when they need it for research. Can you even imagine Giles lugging the dread machine over, setting it up and turning it on?
Giles needs to respect Willow’s personal bubble a lot more
Two thumbs up for this outfit on Buffy
More spectacular gymnastics from our favourite Slayer
Rolling our eyes at Xander’s constant complaining
Get a new outfit, Angel – this one’s getting old.
Turns out that no, Angel has never really had a friend
Giles is still looking at this picture but this time, he’s also reading the words next to it.
This guy! Look at Cordy’s reaction
Willow on some badass 90s website
Willow is amazing, but we knew that already
Jesse can hear the worms but is struggling to talk
Vamp + daylight=dust (or smoke at least)
RIP Colin, or at least RIP Colin’s eye. You’ll be missed
Get a room, boys
Giles is loving this. Jess is loving Giles’s casual research outfit.
Another great Buffy outfit – she looks amazing
Joyce, your daughter has to save the world. Leave her be.

Buffy goes to great lengths to hide her Slayer chest, then just leaves it open on her bedroom floor

We love Buffy sneaking out
50s hair+pale face+hand to mouth is a winner for Cordy

This is the Darla we know and love
This victim really looks like Buffy
Jesse taunting Xander then getting staked is such a great moment
Blue balls
Yes! Classic Buffy pose
The earth may be doomed but we love this show


from The Buffy Trivia Guide, a website Jess created back in the heady early 2000s.

  • Various scenes were added to The Harvest as the episode was too short. These include the scene where Willow and Xander talk in the halls, the scene where the Master pokes out the vampire’s eye, the scene where Cordelia talks about seniors in the Bronze and the scene where the vampires run out by Angel. (Source: Joss Whedon’s DVD commentary for The Harvest)
  • Joss Whedon has said that he has always wanted to put a character in the credits the episode where he/she died. He had planned to do this in the opening credits with Jesse (who was killed in The Harvest) but didn’t have the budget to make another set of credits.
  • Look, we all see how very sexy the scene between Luke and the Master is, when Luke is kneeling and promising his body to his boss (woot!), Joss Whedon even apologised for it in his DVD commentary.
  • Director John T. Kretchmer also directed one other Buffy episode – School Hard.
  • Xander staked his first vampire in The Harvest – and the vampire just happened to be his best friend Jesse. It was an accident, though, as Jesse was pushed onto an out-turned stake held by Xander. Ironically, he was taunting Xander that he couldn’t kill him at the time.
  • Johyn’s favourite band Sprung Monkey can be heard in the scene where Buffy is attempting to leave the school – their song “Right My Wrong” (from their album Swirl) is playing.
  • The band Dashboard Prophets can be heard in the Bronze in The Harvest. We hear their tracks “Ballad For Dead Friends” (as the vampires approach the Bronze) and “Wearing Me Down” (Cordelia says she loves the song). Both songs are from their album Burning Out The Inside.
  • When vampires are killed they turn to dust. The Scoobies use the word as a verb to describe killing a vampire (i.e. “We dusted him”). The first person to use the word in this way on the show was Buffy in The Harvest, “So, I dust anyone sporting that symbol, and no Harvest”. ‘Dusting’ a vampire using computer graphics cost $5,000 per vampire. (Source: The Watcher’s Guide by Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder).
  • We see holy water being used as a weapon against vampires for the first time – when Willow throws some on Darla to save Giles. Darla was supposed to die but was kept on, and played an important part to the show.
  • It’s strange that crosses/holy water hurt vampires, as Giles tells the Scoobies in The Harvest that demons roamed the Earth for centuries before Christianity even began.


  • Seen at 00.08 minutes: Luke is burned by the cross that Angel gave Buffy, allowing her to escape from the tomb. In the next shot, we see Buffy running away and the necklace has disappeared.
  • Seen at 17.27 minutes: Cordelia clearly states that Friday night is no-cover night at the Bronze… so why is everyone paying money?

Continuity (Warning: contains spoilers)

  • Buffy is wearing the necklace Angel gave her in Welcome to the Hellmouth – it even saves her from Luke at the beginning of The Harvest.
  • Willow says to Buffy at the end of the episode, “Maybe you could blow something up. They’re really strict about that.” Buffy does indeed blow something up – the entire school in Graduation Day, Part Two.
  • Giles excitedly says (we do love excited Giles) that the next threat they face may be something quite different from vampires. This foreshadows the events of the very next episode, in which the Scoobies are faced with a powerful witch.
  • After listening to the Scoobies chatting at the end of The Harvest, Giles says, “The Earth is doomed.” He repeats this in the very last Buffy episode – Chosen – “The Earth is definitely doomed.” This made Jess cry.


Luke: “I thought you nothing more than a meal, boy. Congratulations. You’ve just been upgraded. To bait.”

Xander: “I don’t like vampires. I’m gonna take a stand and say they’re not good.”

Xander: “They can fly?!”
Buffy: “They can drive.”

Buffy: “God, I’m so mentally challenged!”

Giles: “Maybe you could wrest some information from that dread machine. That was a bit, um, British, wasn’t it?”

Xander: “Yesterday, my life’s like, “uh-oh, pop quiz.” Today it’s, “rain of toads.””

Angel: “I thought you’d figure this out sooner or later. Actually, I thought it would be a little sooner.”

Buffy: “Do you know what it’s like to have a friend? … That wasn’t supposed to be a stumper.”

Buffy: “Well, we averted the apocalypse. I’ll give us points for that.”

Xander: “I mean, the dead rose. We should have at least had an assembly.”




Hush: is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast, where we’re watching every Buffy episode, one at a time. Hush is presented by long-time Buffy fans Jess Beeley and John Byrne, who live in Limerick, Ireland.


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